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I have just been going through drafts of blogs I have started and never finished. Sometimes I start a blog, title it and write a couple of words to remind myself of what I wanted to write and then I write about Lady Boners.

I found the notes on “sex talk with Annie” in my drafts folder yesterday. Since I wrote the Lady Boner blog yesterday; it follows that I should continue blogging on adult-related themes.

Because I am an adult. I discuss sex calmly and scientifically; using the proper terms such as Lady Boner, HooHaa, Thing and Place.

I remember it like it was four years ago, which it was. It was the spring of Annie’s 5th grade year. I didn’t have a job so I was home to greet my little dumplings everyday after school. On this particular day in the spring of 2007, I was weeding…

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